Our purpose at Calvary Chapel is to glorify God by pointing people to Jesus Christ, Who alone is sufficient for our every need. Our greatest desire is that all would be touched by the grace of God and brought into an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. And in turn they would spend a lifetime of seeking and knowing the One who saved them.

Our Vision:
We desire that this entire area be impacted by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and that all will come to know Him as Lord and experience His love and forgiveness. We seek to fulfill our vision by equipping believers through verse by verse teaching and worship so that they may express Christian love as they minister in the community, the neighborhood, their schools, and the workplace.

Our Mission:
Our mission is being accomplished by preaching the gospel and allowing the Holy Spirit to lead people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Believers of Jesus are equipped by the simple verse by verse teaching of the whole counsel of God's Word to bring people to maturity in Christ. We encourage people to use the gifts that God has given them to fulfill the great commission to make disciples and thus accomplish the mission of His church.