Esther 6:1-8 - God is in the Details of Everything

Book & Lesson Scripture: Esther 6:1-8
Title: God is in the Details of Everything (in their lives)
Book Theme: God is Faithful to His People & God is always in control

Welcome Activity:
We used puzzles to begin teaching how just like one single puzzle piece may not look at much, when you put them all together, they make an amazing picture, just like God’s plans.

Title Introduction:
This week we studied with the kids how “God is in the details of everything”. How God works in the lives of people, both those who love Him and those who don’t, to accomplish His plans. God always has a plan, and there are always so many parts to it. God is working in the lives of at least 5-7 people in this lesson: King Ahasuerus (pagan king in Persia), Haman, Mordecai, kings servant(s), kings eunach’s and Esther.

Lesson Introduction
We used a sandwich as the introduction, something very easy to relate to. We verbally set the scene to think about when they are hungry and they want a sandwich. Then we tell them, “Did you know that God is in all of the details of this sandwich in your hand?” They give a “huh?” look, as they were not expecting that. The idea is to show them how the sandwich does not just appear in their hand, or simply from the grocery store, but all the way back to how God created the sun, water, salt in the mountains, sugar from the sugarcane in the fields (even the seeds grown from), and other details to show how God did it all.

The Bible Lesson:
In this lesson, we see that God wants for us to see that He is in the details of everything in our lives.

  • V1: We see this in how God keeps the king from being able to fall asleep.

  • V1: How God puts it on the kings mind to ask for a record of the book of chronicles to fall asleep to (aka boring bed time story to listen to).

  • V1: How God directs the servant to pickup the specific book.

  • V2: How God has the servant open to the specific page and read about Mordecai saving the kings life.

  • V3: And how God intrigues the king to ask if any honor had been done for Mordecai for saving his life (which there hadn’t).

God is so amazing that He is also dealing with the evil Haman at the same time. Remember, God is always doing many things all at the same time.

  • V4-5: God causes Haman to be coming to see the king at the exact same time in an attempt to get the king to destroy Mordecai.

  • V6-9: God uses Hamans pride and arrogance against him.

  • V10-11: God humbles Haman in a big way.

  • V12: Mordecai goes back to the gate, as God continues to teach him about faith and trust in God.

  • V13: God delivers a message to Haman thru his wife that He will not win in his evil plan against Mordecai and the Jews (God’s people).

  • V14: God uses the kings eunach’s to bring Haman to the second banquet which Esther has prepared where he will meet his end.

Main Points:

  • God is involved in every detail

    • God keeping king awake

    • God bringing the right chronicles book

    • God bringing Mordecai to the kings mind by reading the right part

    • Haman coming into the court

    • God using Haman’s pride against him

    • God using Zeresh (Haman’s wife) to deliver the ‘you will not succeed’ message to Haman

  • God uses His people to accomplish His purposes

    • God uses Mordecai to break down Haman’s pride

  • God’s plans will always succeed

    • The Jew’s are God’s people and He will not let them be destroyed (Jesus the Messiah comes from the Jewish line)

Kids Life Application:

  • God is in every detail of your life. Can you name areas where you see God doing things?

    • God put you in your family for a reason. How can you be a blessing to them? 

    • God has you in that neighborhood for a reason, how can you be a good influence while you’re there? 

    • God provides a job for your parents, God provides for your needs (food, clothing, shelter) How can you use that to bless others? 

    •  God has given you those friends & siblings for a reason; how can you be an example to them? 

    • God allows you to be part of this church. How can you be part of this family even more? (Pray for others, use the time after church to say hi to the kids you don’t see often. Respect the area and behave well in obedience) 

    • God is given you the privileged to know Jesus , He wants to be your everything,  allow Jesus to be the Lord ( handling ) of your life; when you do that , your life will be directed by the best of all to do what’s right  

  • To know that God is in control. God has promises for His children. Can you name one?

    • God doesn’t break his promises.   

    • The Bible has God’s promises for you, do you know the promises from God to you? 

    • God watches over His children 

    • No matter what we see happening in the world or our family, God is in control, you can trust Him. 

  • To know that God wants to use you to accomplish His purposes.

    • Are you available for God?  How? 

    • Are you willing to ask God to remove bad attitude from your life? How? 

    • Are you willing to obey God? How? 

    • Repent of your wrong doing. Jesus wants to help you, Jesus desires to direct your decisions 

    • Jesus desires to use you today, at school, at the park, with your siblings, neighbors, with your parents, with your couch, and your extended family member. How can you be ready?   

Bible Verse:
This week we used a song for them to sing and memorize. We also explain the verse so they understand what it means.

There are many plans in a man’s heart, Nevertheless the Lord’s counsel—that will stand. - Proverbs 19:21

Review Activities:
Game: Push the Marshmellow
Kids are paired up in 2, each on one side of the table. One has a straw and the other a cup. A marsh mellow is placed in front of the child with the straw. The child with the straw blows the marsh mellow to the other side of the table and into the cup which the other child is holding the cup. The point is to show the children how many details go into getting that marsh mellow from point A to point B. Not as easy as you might think.