Esther 8:1-17 - God Will Always Defend His People


We gave each of the children a bean bag, representing the schemes of the enemy. Then we asked them to try and toss it into a container. Afterward, we covered the opening to the container and asked the children to try again. The result was obvious. We explained that they were going to learn about how God will always defend His people, just like we covered the entrance of the container, nothing could get in.

Bible Lesson

Verse Memorization

“Esther 8:16 The Jews had light and gladness, joy and honor.” 


The same as the adults, on the 1st Sunday of each month we do Communion with the children. We explain how Jesus shared the meal of bread and wine with His disciples before He was to be arrested and die on the cross for our sins. We explain what the bread and wine symbolize and why it’s important for us to remember and live each day for Jesus, reading the Bible, and following His commands.


It was important for the children to understand that we can rest in Jesus, because He will defend us. If we look up to Him, and not at the issues in life, we can have peace. We used a white board as a shield and had 1 child stand behind a teacher who was defending them. Another teacher tossed bean bags at the defender, and after a moment, the child just stood there. They knew they didn’t need to try and get out of the way or stress about it. Then we had another child come up and defend themselves, which the result was obvious, and by the end they were exhausted.

Thad Fiebich